Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Fiber-To-The-Home service and how does it compare to other types of Internet service?

Fiber optic service uses advanced technology wherein information is transmitted over small, flexible strands of glass as light.  Data is sent more quickly over fiber than over cable or phone lines and data delivery remains consistent even during heavy usage times of day.  Fiber can withstand a variety of weather elements, temperature changes & water contact without affecting service transmission. An excellent article with more details about the benefits of fiber service vs. cable & DSL can be found here.

Are your services available in my area?

Currently, Heartland Fiber provides fiber optic service to Roanoke, Eureka, Deer Creek & Mackinaw, IL. Please contact our office by phone, email or Facebook Message to have your specific address checked for service availability.

I’ve checked – service is not available to me yet.  Can I do anything to encourage progress in my area?

We encourage anyone interested in service to contact our office to let us know of serious interest. 

I live in a rural area – will I be able to get service?

We are currently focused on infrastructure builds within city or village limits & contiguous areas.  After primary construction is complete, we may consider more rural areas on a case-by-case basis as demand grows.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No – we are a no-contract service!

What is the installation process & costs associated?

We install new residential customers FOR FREE!  When you sign up, we’ll schedule a short pre-installation consult to determine the following: placement & burial of your individual fiber-to-the-home, placement of utility house box on the home, & placement of modem & your router in the home. House boxes are approximately 5” x 8” and are typically mounted over the point of entry for a clean look.   We will schedule your service installation approximately 2 weeks out, have the projected fiber path located for utilities, run & bury the fiber and complete a standard installation at no cost to you. The fiber line is plowed into the ground 4″-8″ deep via machine or by hand-digging depending on the individual situation.  Fiber buried in landscaped areas will be located just under the landscaping materials, not buried. (Other installation services after initial installation, installation to rural locations or unique circumstances may incur special charges – please inquire if these might apply to your situation.) 

Installation of service varies from 2.5 – 4 hours, depending on services taken.  We set specific appointment times instead of day-long “installation windows” because your time is valuable!

If your home is already fiber-ready from a previous resident, the installation process may be shortened significantly.

What equipment is provided and what do I need to supply?

Heartland Fiber will supply the proprietary Optical Network Unit (ONU or modem).  We charge a one-time (refundable) equipment deposit fee for the ONU – $50 for an Internet-only ONU and $100 for an Internet/TV ONU.  The deposit will be refunded after service termination & return of company equipment.

Our modems do not have Wi-Fi capability built-in so customers may opt between the following options:

1. Heartland Fiber offers the Gigaspire Ultimate Managed Wi-Fi Router & App for only $10 per month!  This top-of-the-line Wi-Fi router covers up to 2500 square feet of your home or business, with additional mesh units available to expand your Wi-Fi coverage. Our router system is capable of managing up to 100 devices, comes with security protection & parental controls, free tech support & much more!  

2. Customers may purchase their own Wi-Fi router and are responsible for the maintenance & troubleshooting thereof.  If the router is present at the time of service installation, our technicians will assist with router set-up. Technicians are available to troubleshoot customer-owned routers but a service call fee may be charged to the customer account. 

Internet Questions

What do the various speed numbers like 100/100mbps or 250/250mbps mean?

These numbers indicate the rate (megabits per second) at which information is downloading (first number) to your device or uploading (second number) from your device.

Downloading = pulling data information into your devices (i.e. streaming movies/TV/music, navigating the internet.)

Uploading = sending data information to other destinations. The larger the number, the faster the information is transmitted.

Most users download more information than they upload – downloading emails, navigating websites, streaming movies, music, & podcasts vs. uploading pictures, social media posts & sending files. When the download & upload numbers are the same, this is known as symmetrical service which can be very helpful for users uploading large files or gaming online. Our fiber-optic infrastructure is unique in its ability to consistently provide symmetrical download & upload speeds – other non-fiber-to-the-home providers currently have to make concessions on upload speed in order to facilitate the download demand.

I want to stream my entertainment – which package should I choose?

Any of our Internet packages provides enough download speed to stream your entertainment.  Successful streaming is a multi-faceted process and Internet speed is only one of those facets.  A quality Wi-fi router is also necessary to broadcast signal effectively to your TV or other devices.  If multiple household members will be streaming or gaming simultaneously, we recommend our higher speed packages coupled with a quality router for a smooth online experience.  The consistent speeds and low latency (ping) equals very quick and responsive streaming!

TV Questions

What is a set top box?

Our 1-tuner set top box measures approximately 6” x 9” and converts the signal transmission into your TV.  The box is required for any HD-quality programming and includes an Electronic Program Guide accessible via remote control.  This box is not capable of recording programming for later viewing.

Do you offer a DVR-style box or other recording method?

Our equipment vendor ceased making the compatible DVR set top box during the 2020 manufacturing halt and we’ve been unable to locate another compatible product available for order.

Given the convenience & cost-effectiveness of streaming video & TV services, traditional cable is becoming a lesser-utilized service and we will not be pursuing additional DVR equipment for the foreseeable future.

Can I use a TiVo system instead of Heartland Fiber’s equipment?

No, TiVo is not compatible with our equipment.